I’m back, bitches

After 5 days of excruciating pain (no internet) It’s finally back, I’m finally back, the internet scum is back. I was forced to binge watch on  movies till 3 am with no popcorn talk about torture. Well in all honestly, I missed my friends a lot, I missed Joey (Sorry for worrying you and I’m so glad you checked on me) and I basically started crying myself to sleep. I became the Tekken Tag Tournament lord again, ahjkhvsavksvkvdbhu net or no net I’m still unproductive as fuck. Who knew hearing the voice of the person you love for a few minutes knowing that you’d have to wait for a few more days to hear them again can make one feel so sad and unfulfilled? I’m so glad net got back the next day after our call or I would’ve gone crazy. I missed you as much as you missed me or probably more and have fun at football, babe.

I suck at writing like who exactly am I talking to?