Do you believe in love at first chat?

I know. Corny. I admit, It’s not like I immediately felt love the first time we talked but I did feel something afterwards. You weren’t like the others and I was happy you called me back. Of course my intention was purely innocent, you are my friend. You’re single, I’m single so I thought having a little crush wouldn’t be crime. I expected it to go awkward and die out in a few days but no, we kept talking, it went well, I was happy. It was a new experience for me, I had exes but It was never like this. Just how much was I missing out? Days passed, I enjoyed your company in fact, I started to crave it. Everyday I would anticipate your call. At the start of the day I just want to hear you and spend my time talking to you. I’m so comfortable with you it even feels like we’ve been talking for years. The time that I would spend talking with strangers lessened, I started feeling that their company was just a replacement for yours but It would never be the same so I stopped. The people I just talk to now is you and the friends I’ve made. As I’ve said before and you’ve read, each day we talk, the more and more I fall for you, the more I think about you, the more I want to know about you. I’ve fallen in too deep. One normal thing to question would be why? “What makes you like me so much— you haven’t even seen me— you don’t know me outside of this call–” You haven’t asked me that yet but I have an answer ready. I like you cause you make me feel happy like no one else could, you give me butterflies, diabetes cause you’re too sweet– in fact I already love you. You make me feel like it’s okay to just be myself which is something I’m struggling with. You’re special to me but not as a bestfriend. My heart would break at the sight of you calling somebody else as your princess… If I hear you call someone else cute I’d be filled with jealousy, there’s no way I’d have such feelings for a bestfriend nor a normal friend. I want to meet you, I want to see you, I want to know you more than anybody else. You caught my eye. I’m sorry but you’re in trouble. I’m starting to not care anymore what you look like. Who needs a pretty face when you start wanting to murder them the moment they start running their mouth? Whatever it is you look like, it’s you, I like you. It’s so bad that I started thinking a scar on your face would make you look like them cool action stars. If you were slenderman then wow, I’d have faceless children, neat. Okay enough this is getting weird. That time when I was gone for a few days, I missed you a lot. I was scared you’d start talking to other people. I was glad you checked up on me, said you needed me because I need you too. I grew up feeling more pain than happiness, I always felt unneeded, unwanted, so seeing you say that to me made me feel really happy like really really happy. For me, happiness is what I yearn for along with love. The happiness that can only be given to you by the person you love is unmatched. I need you. The happiness I get and feel by talking to you is addicting, I can’t let go. I want to be with you. This is what I’m feeling. As much as I’d like to convey it into words, I can’t cause I start crying. Wish I could show it personally but at the moment I can’t. If I don’t say this now I’ll regret not saying it If ever you go and never look back at me (hope not). It’s hasn’t been long since we’ve met and I’m really glad that I met you. I’m sorry. I’m a romantic, I’m intense and you’re already in a lot of trouble the moment I started to think about you, the moment my heart started beating fast for you, the moment I started liking you. I love you. I’ll be here till you reject me yourself (pls no ill be crying for weeks) heartbreak isn’t easy but ehhh Idk, your fault. Prepare yourself, I’m awefully cheesy. This is a nice feeling though. Warning. It increases each day. Ah and again, don’t forget to tell me if you’re not calling for the day, it gets me all sad and sulky. I’m sorry if this was too much, you got me thinking about this quite well.



It’s been awhile since I’ve waited for someone just like this. Getting impatient, feeling lonely, even though as we are now, you are just a friend. I obviously want something more but I guess It really is too soon? Waiting for you is never a problem but the other feelings that come along with it… traumatizing.


Jolene… Joey?

Okay Okay, this is corny as hell but I just had to do it.

Original: Jolene by Dolly Parton

Please don’t kill me, I obviously suck at parodies.

Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey
I’m begging of you please become my man
Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey
Please don’t leave me just because you can

Your personality is beyond compare
With that deep voice and hot ragged breaths
There’s no way that I can let you go, Joey

Your laugh it refreshes me
Your voice is enough to captivate me
That’s right, no one can compete with you, Joey

I talk about you in my sleep
There’s nothing I can do to keep
From smiling when I call your name, Joey

And till now I can’t understand
How you could easily take my heart
You don’t know what you mean to me, Joey

Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey
I’m begging of you please become my man
Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey
Please don’t leave me just because you can

I could have my choice of men
But I could never love this way again
You’re the only one for me, Joey

I had to have this talk with you
My happiness depends on you
And whatever you decide to do, Joey

Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey
I’m begging of you please become my man
Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey
Please don’t leave me even though you can

Joey, Joey

I was cringing a lot but I really enjoyed editing this and as you can see this is basically my big confession to Joey. Cheers to me.


Valentine’s Day

I know it’s already February 28 but sheesh give me a break, I was lazy okay?

Okay so I’m gonna share what happened to mine and you guys can share yours if you want but It’s so late so I doubt anyone would see this so okay here I go.

I spent my Valentine’s Day with a guy named Joey. The End.

Just kidding… well not kidding but I’m spending most of my days in a call with him after Valentine’s so HAH. OKay, this is stupid but yeah… meeting him around 2 am of Valentine’s day is one of the best things that have happened to me. Nice feelings are growing inside of me and I hope I’ll be able to tell him soon. I’ll wait for two months or more so I can go beat the Korean girl’s call time with him… GO ME.