Your voice VS other people’s voices

This one will be short and precise, straight to the point, this post is the arrow and you Sir, is the target.
Anybody can have a nice voice depending on someone’s preference but the thing is, no matter how good someone’s voice sounds to me, I don’t feel attracted to it, not anymore ever since I started talking to you. I mean sure I still have a thing for them rock lead vocalist with them smooth ass vocals that can go from an angel to a screaming demon in a split sec but even so, I’d choose you over them any day.
Some voices are pleasant to my ears but they can’t get me all hot and bothered as much as you do.  wink wink
Pro tip: I really really really love it when you say Margareth in (serious/deep/breathless) manner. Heck in any manner. I love it. Makes me melt.

Okay sorry this wasn’t really short but hey, still shorter than the others, right? I tried.


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