Sleep and fights

Don’t ever ever EVER hesitate to wake me up for anything okay? I can sleep anytime. I’m happy to hear anything from you no matter what it is. I’m always waiting. I started watching anime again to pass the time, it’s fun but no matter what… my day isn’t complete without you. My naps aren’t as nice without you now. Because of you I can sleep happy and peacefully. I’m really sorry that it’s so noisy on my side though.

Fights. I really hate fights. I grew up with my mom and dad constantly fighting and it’s horrible since for some reason, I’ll end up getting dragged into their mess one way or another. Moving on, I try to avoid fights as much as possible. If ever we were to fight I’d want us to be in good terms by the end of day because It’s sad. When something sad happens, something bad usually comes along. I’m not saying it’s automatically death but like, death is inevitable. Some people die in their sleep and what I’m scared of is not death but the fact that your last memory of me/ my last memory of you will be a bad one just because we didn’t settle things before sleeping. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Not all days are always happy and bright but at least before we sleep, while we’re lying in bed together… knowing that we’re both okay and happy with a peace of mind in that moment is enough so we can sleep with no bad feelings and wake up with a smile at the sight of each other instead of murderous glares.

Okay okay that was pretty nice. If I had like one wish that’ll be granted before I leave this world it’ll be to remove every regret the people that I’ve left behind has when it comes to me. (If ever they do think about me) I want them to smile at the thought of me instead of crying and feeling regret or any more other stuff. In the end I’ll just be a memory anyway. I can’t please everybody but since it’s like that, I want to be a good memory instead of a bad one. I don’t want to be someone that people forcible try to forget.

Okay enough I rambled on too much. Seriously this is getting depressing. I got way out of track. I THINK I’M SLEEP HIGH AGAIN.


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