About you

I’m probably over thinking but yeah I do tend to think about you a lot. How’ve you been, what you’ve been up to and such. Once school starts, I’ll be really lonely. My time with you will be limited after all… Depending on yours and my schedule. I usually start thinking if you’re sleeping well when the call ends and its still a bit too early for me to sleep. Though when I am sleeping and its time for you to go, I get lonely but I get to sleep just fine cause I know you slept quite well and you’ve been good. I was there the whole time afterall. I wonder if I’m creepy after all… No matter what I was doing or busy with, I won’t deny that I was still listening the whole time. It’s nice. When I close my eyes it’s like you’re there beside me. Precisely why I’ve been sleeping well since you came. Since you came I haven’t been feeling lonely, I feel needed. I’m so happy. Whether it be talking, singing or giving you a kiss to sleep, they’re all my greatest pleasure. You may not know but you’ve already given me so much just by spending your time with me.  I know there’s still more but I’ll wait. I’m here so… Don’t go.


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