I’ll do what I can

Doesn’t matter if it’s to feed your ego (you said it was a joke though) if it’ll make you feel secure, I’ll be glad to tell you how much and what I like about you everyday. It’ll be tough though, I want to give an answer that’ll make you happy. I didn’t think putting my feelings into words would be do hard. I really really really like you! I’d rather tell you I love you by words than typing it down. It’s so hard to answer as to why but all I could think of right now is that I enjoy every moment I spend with you including the whole sleeping part, I enjoy 8-10 hours of my day just cause you’re around. You’re different. You care. Trust me, some people do care but it’s in the wrong kind of way. Anyone can care but it’s always different for every person, it’ll never be the same. If I pursue to widen this topic longer, it’ll never end. I know I can be bratty and immature sometimes but being spoiled is not something I’m very good at. I know how to spoil someone though but I don’t do it just for anybody. If it’s you, I’ll gladly comply… Heck you’re plenty spoiled already. Just say please and I’ll do anything for you… I’m all yours. (Anything except murder, drug dealing, money loans, and anything that can get me in trouble with the law.) And marriage. Kneel down, I ain’t answering yes to any commitment that’s proposed half-assed. :* you don’t have to say please to strip club dates either.


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