Bear with me

Okay. Girls are emotional we all know that especially on their red week. Even I can get bitchy but not usually. Right now I’m feeling really clingy and even more emotionally attached than usual like not wanting you to go anywhere even though I know having you sleep all day is unhealthy. I’ve been wanting more kisses (you give me a lot so I’m in a good mood in that area) but yeah this feeling is sidjiasfhafnaufhafij I’ve been feeling sleepy a lot during the day too which is great cause I get to take naps with you which is nice. I JUST FEEL LIKE BEING AFFECTIONATE AF. I even started the lyrics thing, pretty nice though. Saying Hi is normal but now it feels like I’m leaving a little note containing what I’m feeling for you at the start of the day. I’m such a romantic I think I’m making you cringe. Sorry not sorry 😉


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